15 Best Lego Sets For Under Ten Dollars

15 Best LEGO Sets For Under $10

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I researched and found this list of the best LEGO sets for under $10. These are perfect for LEGO lovers like me who love a good deal.

Whether you’re looking for something to keep the kids busy, looking for a gift for your child’s friend, or just want some affordable fun for yourself, these sets are sure to please. Enjoy!

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15 Plus of the Best LEGO Sets For Under $10

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A LEGO store is a great place to see a wide variety of LEGOS! For convenience, however, we found that Amazon is a great store with some of the best deals, a reasonable price range, and Amazon Prime free shipping.

Amazon carries complete sets of LEGOS, brick accessories, and almost every LEGO product you can think of!

Amazon also has super saver shipping if you aren’t a prime member. Shipping is free on orders over 25.00 with eligible products. You can’t beat Amazon deals!

I started looking for LEGO deals under five dollars, but unfortunately, finding a decent set at that price was hard. I found most of the following sets on Amazon well under the current price of 10 dollars. I’m excited to share them with you!

Click on the name of the LEGO set to see pics; still working on getting this set up! These are amazing little sets for the price!

City Police Car Building Kit

This set is for kids aged five and Up. The Police car kit includes a Police Officer Mini-figure with a toy flashlight and a police cap (94 Pieces).

City Chicken Stunt Bike Building Kit

Included is everything your child needs to build a flywheel-powered stunt motorbike. There is also a LEGO City Adventures TV series character Clemmons dressed in his mascot chicken suit. This set is a great deal!

LEGO Creator 3in1 Sports Car Toy Building Kit

Your child can build a sports car, rebuild it into a hot rod, make an old-time airplane, or use their imagination and create something entirely new.

Friends Forest Waterfall Building Kit

With this playset, your child can imagine that they are exploring the woods with their friends. Included is a pretty forest waterfall scene, LEGO Friends Andrea and Olivia, a marshmallow on a stick, and a campfire to inspire creative and fun storytelling.

LEGO Friends Turtle Protection Vehicle Rescue Building Kit

This set includes a rescue ATV, a surfboard, two mini-dolls including LEGO Friends Emma, and three animal figures. Super cute!

Marvel Wolverine Mech Armor Building Kit

This highly-rated set includes a Wolverine mini-figure and a buildable Wolverine mech with large movable claws attached to its hands.

City Stunt Plane Building Kit

Included is a toy jet with decorated tail fins, an open cockpit, and a pilot mini-figure with a helmet.

Marvel Spidey and His Amazing Friends Miles Morales and Green Goblin: Spider-Man’s Techno Trike Building Kit

Included is a trike and glider with movable wings. Also included are two LEGO Marvel mini-figures. Green Goblin has a changeable head with different expressions.

Marvel Iron Man Mech Armor Building Kit

Included is an Iron Man mini-figure and a buildable Iron Man mech with a loaded stud shooter, large energy shield, and fully jointed arms and legs!

City Fire Helicopter Building Kit

This set includes a toy helicopter with a storage compartment, spinning rotors, and a firefighter and hotdog vendor.

City Race Car Building Kit

Included is everything your child needs to create a toy race car, plus a winner’s trophy, tools, driver, and mechanic mini-figures.

Friends Pet Clinic Ambulance Building Kit

This simple-to-build kit includes LEGO Friends Stephanie and Ethan, a dog toy, and an ambulance for kids who love animals.

LEGO Creator 3in1 Dolphin and Turtle Building Kit

This set includes a baby dolphin with a posable body, flippers, jaw, and a tail, and a baby sea turtle with posable flippers and a head. Your child can choose from 3 scenes at the bottom of the sea.

Classic Creative Monsters Building Kit

Included is everything your child needs to create five monster toys and extra LEGO bricks for building more monster creations!

Disney Anna’s Castle Courtyard Building Kit

This is a 74-piece set that includes a buildable fountain courtyard and a transforming ‘diamond’ dress that stores a mini-doll figure inside. This set contains Disney Princess Anna and Bruni the Salamander LEGO figures.

Minecraft The Coral Reef LEGO Set

This LEGO Minecraft set includes the popular gaming character Alex, with a diving helmet, magic pants, a sword, and a drowned, two puffer fish and accessories.

Marvel Black Panther Mech Armor Building Kit

This set features a Black Panther mini-figure and a buildable Black Panther mech with fully jointed arms, legs, and protruding claws.

City Rocket Stunt Bike Building Kit

Everything is needed to build a unique, flywheel-powered stunt motorbike, along with the LEGO City Adventures TV series mini-figure character Rocket Racer!

Harry Potter and Hedwig Owl Building Kit

This set recreates the scene where Harry receives a delivery of the new broomstick from Hedwig in the Great Hall! This little set features Harry Potter and Hedwig, his beloved owl.

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Themed LEGO Sets Your Kids Will Love

Here are some other LEGO set ideas your kids will love!

Benefits of Playing With LEGOS

1. Keeps Your Kids Occupied and Entertained.

They can spend hours building different structures and pretending to be other characters. It’s an excellent way to use their imaginations and have fun.

2. They Are Educational

Playing with LEGOS teaches children valuable skills like creative problem solving, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness. It’s no wonder LEGOS are one of the most popular toys in the world!

3. Learn Teamwork Skills

When you play with LEGOS, you can learn teamwork skills. Working with others to build something can be a fun and rewarding experience. And it’s a great way to develop new skills and improve problem-solving abilities.

4. Inspires Creativity and Imagination Skills

LEGOS encourages creativity and imagination skills essential for both children and adults. LEGOS helps people think outside the box and develop innovative ideas by stimulating the creative side.

5. Develops Fine Motor Coordination

Learning to play with LEGOS is an excellent way for kids of all ages and skillsets to develop their fine motor skills and coordination.

Building things from scratch or just manipulating objects, in general, will give you hands-on experience that spans many fields! It improves hand-eye coordination as well as cognitive function like memory retention.

6. Helps to Learn Perseverance

Playing with LEGOS is an excellent way to teach your child essential life skills, like perseverance. You can help them develop this essential quality in their lives by encouraging them to stick with challenging projects.

7. Learn Patience and Attention to Detail

Building with LEGOS requires patience and attention to detail. Your child will likely need to take a break several times throughout the building process. By completing a LEGO project, your child will develop the skills necessary to persevere through challenging tasks.

8. Helps Your Child Learn Self-Confidence

Building with LEGOS can help your child develop confidence. It allows them to create something tangible that they can be proud of. And as they work through the challenges of designing and constructing their project, they’ll develop problem-solving skills and learn to persevere.

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How to Store Your LEGOS

Pencil cases are perfect for the small sets mentioned in this article! This will keep the small pieces out of the hands of younger kids.

Complete sets of LEGOS can be kept in their original box or a large plastic tub with a snap-on lid.

LEGO Storage Ideas to Check Out

Set of 2 Large and Small Brick Shaped Kids Storage Organizer

These are adorable storage boxes and shaped like LEGOS!

LEGO Sorting Box – Brick Storage with Organizing Dividers

This LEGO storage box is perfect for all the LEGO sets in this article! It would also be great for road trips!

LEGO Play Table with Storage

This is an affordable play table with storage set.


So, that rounds up our list of the 15 best LEGO sets for under $10. We hope you found this guide helpful and that it helped you find the perfect LEGO set for your needs.

Let us know in the comments below which set is your child’s favorite!

To have more fun with your kids, check out this article for 20 simple projects for beginner LEGO builders!

Check out my About Me Page to learn more about my crew and me!

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