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21 Awesome Hot Wheels Storage Ideas and Display Tips

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Have you been looking for hot wheel storage ideas to contain all your child’s cars? If you have a child who loves hot-wheel cars like mine, you know that they can quickly take over your house!

Not to worry, though; we have some fantastic hot wheel storage ideas for you.

Whether you want to make your own hot wheel storage solution or buy one online, we have something for everyone. In addition, we will give you tips on displaying those hot wheels like a pro!

Some people prefer quick and easy ways to stash the vehicles between playtime. At the same time, others like to display the cars attractively.

And your child may choose one method over the other! Whichever you prefer, we have suggestions for both of these methods.

Stay with me while we look at some awesome hot wheels storage and display ideas!

hot wheel cars lined up on a shelf

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Hot wheel cars lined up on a shelf

Hot Wheel Storage Ideas and Display Tips

1. DIY Car Table With Storage

This car table tutorial demonstrates how to create a fantastic car table. They use Ikea shelving with a lot of storage for your child’s hot wheel collection.

2. Toy Race Tracks on the Wall

This idea has to be the most clever idea I’ve seen! Check out these shelf track instructions for building a hot wheels shelf track and see how this looks!

3. Cardboard Box Car Garage

Here’s a super cute idea for making your own cardboard box toy garage from The Bear & the Fox. Your child will entertain themselves for hours by combining this toy garage with a racetrack rug!

4. Picture Ledge Shelves

Picture ledges have little lips on the outside shelves that will keep your cars from falling off. Check out this article that shows hot wheels lined up on these picture ledges. Adorable!

5. Book Ledges For Hot Wheels Display

Check this link out for details on using book ledges to display your cars. It is similar to the picture ledge shelves where you can hang them lower on the wall. Then your children can easily take them on and off.

Little boy playing with matchbox cars on the floor

6. Hot Wheel Storage Using PVC Pipes

Follow the link to a picture of this fantastic matchbox car storage idea. It doesn’t show the instructions, however it looks pretty straightforward to create. I just had to include this one!

7. DIY Parking Garage

This DIY project is an adorable step-by-step DIY hot wheel storage garage. They use a crate, scrap PVC pipe, and a piece of wood! Be sure to check it out!

8. Underbed Storage Containers for Cars and Racetracks

An under-bed storage container is a great way to store your child’s toy cars and racetracks. It keeps them out of the way in between playtime. It’s an easy way for the kids to pick up their toys quickly.

9. Tackle Box for Hot Wheels Storage

Follow this link to see how they use a tackle box to store their child’s cars! You would have to find the correct tackle box to fit the vehicles, but I love this idea!

10. Hanging Hot Wheels Car Organizer

Check this out for a step-by-step tutorial to create an organizer for your child’s cars. You will love this if you are crafty! Super cute!

11. DIY Hot Wheels Car Storage Jar

This DIY project is a clever idea using a large storage jar and lid. The lid and the car are spray painted. And then you glue the car to the top. So cute, and the kids can quickly put away their cars when they are finished playing.

12. DIY Matchbox Car Garage

The link to buy this no longer works. However, you can look at the photos to get ideas for making it. Very cute!!

2 boys playing with hot wheel cars

13. Hot Wheel Organizer

This is actually a thread organizer that doubles as a hot wheel organizer! Who’d have thought this would work? But it does! Check it out! Perfect for taking your cars on road trips. Thank you,!

14. Hot Wheels Display Case

This wall display case is fantastic and will hold 56 hot wheel cars.

15. Wood Toy Car Storage Organizer

This car organizer is a perfect gift for the hot wheel lover in your life. You can hang it lower on the wall so kids can easily reach them.

16. Hot Wheels Rolling Storage Case

This bargain-priced storage case is a great way to keep your child’s cars in one location. As well as taking it to Grandma’s house.? It holds 100 cars and has a retractable handle.

17. Display Shelf Case

This case is a beautiful, handcrafted display shelving set. It can be placed lower on the wall for your child to reach. It’s perfect for that child that loves to line up their cars!

toy hot wheel cars lined up on the road

18. Hot Wheel Storage Cube

This matchbox car storage cube holds 300 cars!

19. Hot Wheels Hauler Truck

This truck has six expandable levels. It will delight your child and provide a way to store all their cars! This will store up to 50 cars!

20. 88 Car Storage Organizer

This car organizer is perfect for traveling and storing their cars at home.

21. Toy Truck Transport Carrier

This truck only holds 28 cars. However, you could purchase several trucks to hold all of your child’s cars at this price point.


Child playing with cars by lining them up in a row

These Hot Wheels storage ideas and display tips will inspire you to create a fun and functional space for your little racer.

Whether you use one of the ideas we shared or come up with your own, we hope you have fun organizing and displaying your child’s Hot Wheels collection. Maybe as much fun as they will have playing with them!?

Do you have any ideas for storing or displaying Hot Wheels? Let us know in the comments below!

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