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Kindergarten Popcorn Sight Words (Free Printables)

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Help your child learn kindergarten popcorn sight words.

Learning to be ready to read is one of the most important things that kindergarten students learn.

One way to help them with this process is by teaching them sight words. They are also known as popcorn words.

Popcorn words are high frequency words that you often find in print. Students need to know these words by sight to become fluent readers.

In this article, you will learn the most popular kindergarten sight words. And we will also provide you with a list of free printables!

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Kindergarten Sight Words List

These are some of the high-frequency words your young students need to know:

High-Frequency Words

Here is another list of words that include more important sight words.

List of kindergarten popcorn words

Print out the list of popcorn sight words if you’d like!

Sight words are an integral part of literacy development. These are words that children learn to recognize by sight without having to sound them out.

Many of these words are hard to figure out using traditional phonics rules. This is why children need to be able to quickly and easily recognize them.

Activities to Learn Common Sight Words

Flash Cards and Memorization Games

Two standard methods to learn sight words are flash cards and memorization games. Choosing a way that will work well for your child is important.

Some children learn best by seeing the word written down, while others prefer to use pictures or body motions. Repeated exposure is key to helping children learn sight words.

Try incorporating sight words into everyday activities such as reading books or writing grocery lists.

girl at table with sight word flash cards

Popcorn Word Game

Popcorn words are common words that frequently appear in print but are tricky to sound out. Because they occur so often, beginning readers need to be able to recognize them by sight quickly.

One fun way to help kids learn these high-frequency words is to play a game with popcorn buckets.

  • You’ll need a bucket for each player and a selection of popcorn word cards. The game’s object is to collect as many cards as possible by correctly identifying the words.
  • Have each player draw a card and read the word aloud to play. If they can read the word correctly, they keep the card and take another turn.
  • If unsure of the word, they can ask for a hint from the other players or try to sound it out independently.
  • Once they’ve read the word correctly, they keep the card and take another turn. The first player to collect all of the cards is the winner!

Index Card Game

Here is fun sight word learning game using index cards.

Sight Word Cootie Catcher

Try this sight word cootie catcher from thisreadingmama.com! So fun!

Playing games like this is a great way to help kids learn common sight words and build confidence in their reading skills.

With a little practice, your student will be able to recognize these important words easily!

Check out this fun sight word song to sing with your young readers!

Sight Word Song

Dolch Sight Word List

  • Dr. Edward William Dolch was an American educator who developed the Dolch Sight Vocabulary, a list of the most common words that young children need to know to read.
  • Dr. Dolch realized that many words children encounter in books are not spelled the way they sound.
  • He then created his list by looking at the frequency with which particular words appeared in print. The Dolch Sight Vocabulary has helped countless children learn to read.
  • Dr. Dolch’s work continues to be used by educators today. Thanks to his groundbreaking work, Dr. Dolch is considered one of the most influential figures in reading education.
  • Dolch sight words are common words that frequently occur in written English. Because they are so common, students can often recognize them by sight without sounding them out.
  • As a result, learning Dolch sight words can help students become more confident and proficient readers.
  • The Dolch list includes 220 words and 95 nouns, divided into five categories: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions.
  • Some common Dolch sight words include the, of, and, a, to, in, you, that, it, he, and was.
  • Dolch words are divided into groups by grade level. These range in age from Pre-K to third grade.

Learning these words can help students become more fluent readers and help them to understand better what they are reading.

Here is a Dolch Sight Word List.

girl holding up popcorn sight word flashcard

Fry Sight Word List

The Fry Sight Words list is a more updated list of words than the Dolch words list. The Frye list contains 1,000 words including all the parts of speech.

Check out this article about the Fry word lists.

Color Words

Here is a free set of worksheets to help your child learn to recognize the basic color words.

Click here for my free word search worksheets!


Sight words are an important foundation for reading and writing. Your child can build a strong foundation for literacy skills by learning these kindergarten sight words.

We’ve provided some free printables to help make learning these words fun and easy. Practice with your child regularly so they can become confident readers!

Have you found a fun way to help your child learn their sight words?

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