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Discover how to learn the days of the week with your child in a fun way.

Learning this vital skill can help your child develop a better concept of time. 

In this article, kids of all ages will find easy ways to learn:

  • The days of week
  • Months of the year
  • How to use free printable worksheets and activities to assist their learning.

Let’s get started!

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how to Learn days of the month on clothespins

Ways to Learn the Days of the Week

These are some fun days of the week activities to try with your young students.

Use a Calendar or Chart

Using a calendar is a great way to learn the different days of the week. Or, your child can make their own chart with pictures or stickers.

Place the chart or calendar where your child will see it often. A good place is in the kitchen or living room. Each day, point to the day on the chart and say the name.

As your child begins to recognize the days of the week, have them point to the day. Make a game out of it!

Days of the Week Song

Another easy way to teach your child the days of the week is through song. Many catchy tunes will help your little one remember the order of the days.

You can find songs online or look for children’s books with accompanying CDs.

Singing together while learning is a fun way to bond with your child. We love the days of the week Barney song. Listen to it below!

Add Learning to Your Daily Routine

You can mix learning the days of the week into your daily routine. Ask your child what day it is when you’re getting ready for school in the morning.

Talk about what day it is before you eat dinner at night. Your child will start remembering the correct order of the days as it becomes part of your routine. 

Learn the Days of the Week With Books

Go to the library and pick out some books that teach this concept. Here are a few ideas:

This is a fun day of the week caterpillar craft from!

Doing some fun worksheets and printables can make learning fun. And will help reinforce the concepts your child has been learning.

Here are your FREE days of the week printables!

Different Activities to Learn the Months of the Year

Here are some fun ideas to teach your young child the months of the year.

Focus on One Month at a Time

A great way to learn the months of the year is to focus on one month at a time. Some ways to do this are:

  • Finding books or articles about events that happened during the month
  • Talk about holidays that we celebrate during that month.
  • Take a trip outside to note changes in the weather and environment. And then you can talk about how it relates to the current month.

Create a Calendar

A great option to learn the months of the year is to create a calendar together. Try these ideas:

  • Write out the months’ names in order. Add pictures, stickers, or symbols for each month.
  • Add birthdays and anniversaries to help your child remember these special days.
  • Hang the calendar on a bulletin board in your child’s bedroom. Hold up different items. Ask your child to identify what month goes with each item. For example, you could hold up a pair of sunglasses. Ask, “May I have some sun in May?” Or you could hold up a pumpkin. Say, “I’ll be ready for Halloween in October!” 
Months of the year written on post it notes

Make a Months of the Year Mobile

Making a mobile is a fun way to learn the months of the year. They can start by cutting out twelve circles, one for each month.

Next, they can write the name of each month on a circle and decorate it.

Then, they can connect the circles with string or wire and hang them up. This activity will help them learn the order of the months. They can be creative and have fun as they’re doing it.

Create a Matching Game

You could put together a matching game. Cut out 24 squares of either thick heavyweight or white cardboard paper.

Put all the months of the year on separate squares from the paper you selected. On the other 12 squares, write down a holiday from that month.

You can also write down somebody’s birthday from that month or some other clue. Then turn them all over and play the matching game.

With those same cards, your child can line up the months of the year in order. With your help, they will soon learn the correct order of the months of the year!

Read a Months of the Year Book

Reading books with your child is a great way to reinforce concepts you’ve been learning. Check out some books from the library or take a look at these:

Months of the Year Song

You can help your child learn the months of the year by singing songs or rhymes about them. Many songs and rhymes are available online or in children’s books. 

Here is a fun one!

Here are your FREE months of the year printables!


The days of the week are a fundamental concept that everyone should know. Using simple techniques, your child can learn the days of the week.

We’ve provided free printables to help you get started. We hope you find these tips helpful.

What fun ways have you used to teach your children the days of the week?

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